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Start-Up: AKI Fine Art Painting 2015 - group show

Project Spaces Nieuw Dakota

Ms. van Riemsdijkweg 41
1033 RC Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 3318311

Open Thu - Fri / 11-18 hrs
Sat - Sun / 12-18 hrs

10 Jan — 7 Feb

Time 10 Jan, 16 hrs


Start-Up: AKI Fine Art Painting 2015

What is the relationship between a vomiting monk somewhere in the Himalayas, a young Englishman, Kim Jong Il, Willem of Orange, a two-legged shark with an erection, the Greek singer Papaloannou and the holy virgin Mary? Between a bike ride through the pastures, the death of a prostitute, boredom itself, a milk carton folded open and a painful family history? At first sight you would perhaps think this relationship to be non-existent, however, every single one of these forms a motive in the works of the 18 artists whose work will be shown during the exhibition Start-Up – AKI Fine Art Painting from January 10th until February 7th 2016 at Nieuw Dakota.

What meaning does painting still hold in a time in which the visual arts are no longer determined by traditional, stylistic or thematic ideas? How can a slow medium such as painting still be relevant in a time in which new media and communication enable instant image making and sharing? The question answers itself: The simple fact that one generation, for whom social media and smartphones are as self-evident as television, entertains itself with this old medium makes it interesting, contemporary and relevant.

In looking carefully at the works of the participating artists patterns and connections appear that link the works and add layers of meaning: By being conscious of the tradition, the medium and it’s limitations. By venturing into existing yet constantly evolving possibilities within contemporary paradigms.

The individual works of the 18 artists show a rich diversity of approaches to theme, medium and stance. Through this dynamic the work of the group as a whole was pushed to a higher level; by challenging each other, questioning each other’s perspectives and raising the level of intensity. Do they need each other’s perspectives for individual development? Does the echo of the one resonate in the work of the other? These questions are at the core of this exhibition. Different from a ‘best of graduates-show’ Start-Up shows a whole class of artists, which was communally formed, within one department and academy. Start-Up so forms a starting point, an exhibition of points of view, which will proceed into the future. We are present at the first step in the career of these young artists, and their drive and avidity gives us a good taste of the potential of these individuals. At times the inspiration that is leaned on is still visible, but simultaneously we experience the force of discovery. It places us as spectators in an exciting position; both seeing the earnest search and the temporary point of discovery, but the future remains a blank canvas with now it’s first stroke.

With work by: Annelies Gesquièrre, Carina Schüring, Caroline Krajenbrink, Claudia Schölling, Duo_yfv_247 (Daniel Wunn/ Julian Fricke), Helena Hoogenraad, Eli Zegers, Glenn Plaisier, Hannes Lichte, Kimon Kyrligitsis, Lisanne Langenberg, Maike Eilers, Mascha Peter, Nora Axnick, Peter Pohlmann, Sira Zika and Suzanne Haarhuis

Curator: Arjan van Helmond

The exhibition can be visited from January 10th until February 7th 2016.

Opening: January 10th at 16:00 hours.

Club night: February 6th from 20:00-01:00 hours.

Start-Up is supported by AKI, Academy of Art en Design and Enschede, stad van nu


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