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Sudden Stop - Fraser Stewart & Özgür Demirci

Project Spaces Corridor Project Space

Veemkade 574
1019 BL Amsterdam

Open Thu - Sat / 14-18 hrs (during exhibitions)

Exhibition 10 Mar — 7 Apr

Opening 10 Mar, 18-22 hrs


Credits: Corridor Project Space
It’s the moment when it already happened when the energy that kept you going has slipped away. The moment you found the place to lose it all together. It will bring endless possibilities and combinations. It is fertilising rather than destructive. Sudden Stop. It’s the future and you are part of it.
Sudden Stop will present new works by Özgür Demirci (1982, TR) Fraser Stewart (1986, UK). For this exhibition the artists inquired the moment of the Sudden Stop. Demirci looked into the pleasure / energy that people get when they speed yet keep control. Stewart is drawn to groups when they are united as one for one goal. The exhibition is made possible thanks to the support of SAHA Association. 


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