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The Hammock - Rumiko Hagiwara

Galleries Juliette Jongma

Gerard Doustraat 128 A
1073 VX Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4636904

Open Wed - Sat / 13-18 hrs

Performance 20 Apr

Time 20 Apr, 18-18:30 hrs


Reading by Rumiko Hagiwara and Jeanine Hofland as part of Front Space #1 - The Hammock

In 2017 Japanese artist Rumiko Hagiwara published the book ‘111 (50%) copies of A4 paper & other titles’. This book consists of 111 (50 %) copies of A4 paper, now A5, alongside 32 titles of art works by Hagiwara. The book is composed by Jeanine Hofland, who has been Hagiwara’s gallerist from 2010 until 2016, when the gallery closed its doors. The book can be considered as an artist book, as a poem spread over the pages of the book. As 32 titles, alongside 111 empty pages that serve as a void for thoughts. Or as an ordinary notebook to write, doodle or draw alongside 32 titles without visual references.
For the reading Hagiwara and Hofland will read from the book, followed by a live screening of ‘Ghost in Silence’. In addition to this a new work by Hagiwara will be installed. 
‘Ghost in silence’ consists of compiled short stories and its visual references, narrated and performed by Hagiwara. The film investigates the meaning, and misreading of humour when crossing cultural boundaries, following the concept of migration, misunderstandings and the displacement of Hagiwara’s sense of Japanese humour within a western (art) context.
Rumiko Hagiwara’s work (photo, video and site-specific installation) revolves around coincidental encounters within daily life situations that often emphasize factual errors or coincidental approvals between image and language. Hagiwara combines a western conceptualist approach (ready made objects) with influences from traditional Japanese culture (shadow, light, reflection), and aims at twisting the omnipresence of the unnoticed trace of human action and behaviour into subtle, and often humoresque poetics of the ordinary.
About the exhibition: The Hammock presents a series focusing on the artist book as an artwork in its own right. The leisure time furniture will function as a platform from which on a weekly base artists will read from their publication. Coinciding with the reading a work by each artist will be installed. In order of appearance a group exhibition will arise. Invited are Philipp Gufler, Pablo Pijnappel, AnnaMaria Pinaka and Rumiko Hagiwara.


Curated by Titus Nouwens


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Antonis Pittas, abstand, 2018