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The Infinite Loop - group exhibition

Project Spaces PS

Madurastraat 72
1094 GR Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 47830952

Open Sat / 13-17 hrs
+ by appointment

Exhibition 3 Jun — 8 Jul

Opening 3 Jun, 16-18 hrs


The Infinite Loop, group exhibition

The Infinite Loop presents the work of six abstract artists, Justin Andrews, Stephen Bram and John Nixon from Australia and Lars Breuer, Sebastian Freytag and Guido Munch from Germany, reflecting the bonds between abstract artists today across geographic distance. Making art without reference to the physical world to focus on the formal properties of the medium was a central invention of modern art, becoming an emblem of advanced painting and sculpture from the early twentieth century to the late 1960s. At the same time, a perception ruled of unequal authority and status between abstraction from the art capitals in which it emerged and the places to which it spread. Today, it is better recognised that abstract art has had many histories, seeing rich adaptations to the local context.

The Infinite Loop reveals the existence of an ad hoc, international network of artists allied bythe practice of abstraction and supported though artist-initiated exhibitions and venues. Why an alliance of abstract artists? To be sustained, art practice requires a support network no matter what the currency of the practice or the locality of the artist. Since the late 1960s, abstract art has been marginalized to an extent as a result of its leading role in modernism. The international collaboration of abstract artists shows artists’ strong interest in self-positioning while attesting to the fact that the practice of abstraction is no longer about hierarchical relations between center and periphery. The product of interaction expressed through exhibitions such as The Infinite Loop shows abstraction — an art practice only a century old — to be full of possibility in revealing the simultaneous existence of different applications of abstraction.

The work of Breuer, Freytag and Munch, who operate as the collective known as Konsortium, can be read in the light of the legacy of European philosophical critique of cultural hegemony. Indefatigable experimentation with the abstract across conceptual frames and media in the work of Andrews, Bram and Nixon challenges the diffusionist model of art history where the abstract is concerned, showing the scope to overcome the constraints of received thinking.

The Infinite Loop is an on-going curatorial project by Justin Andrews. This iteration of the project at PS will be it’s third, having already been held at Justin Art House Museum (Melbourne, Australia) and Massey University Engine Room Gallery (Wellington, New Zealand) in 2016.

All the artists will be in attendance at the opening. 



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