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The Sunday Sessions - Marita Fraser & Alex Lawler

Project Spaces PS

Madurastraat 72
1094 GR Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 47830952

Open Sat / 13-17 hrs
+ by appointment

Exhibition 9 Apr — 27 May

Opening 9 Apr, 16-18 hrs


An exhibition with works by Marita Fraser & Alex Lawler at PS. Image courtesy PS

PS are proud to announce the second exhibition of Marita Fraser and Alex Lawler at PS. The first exhibition, Pattern Recognition (2010), was curated by the artists themselves featuring work of their own, as well as Tove Storch and Nadim Vardag. After a long period without exhibiting together, The Sunday Sessions will consist of a duo show, displaying works with varied techniques by both of the artists.

Marita Fraser’s (b.1969) work deploys a means of rehearsal within its making, hybrid forms of materials, modern draperies, displayed in variegated configurations. Her materials are often to be seen in multiples, on consecutive occasions, reissued, reattributed and renegotiated. Fraser generates numerous and concise nods to historical references, deploying stand alone minimalist frameworks, that act as dividers, physically framing her installations, as proposals in and for space. Alongside her three dimensional works, Fraser’s practice is simultaneously about the whole image and obscuring the viewers reading – her collage works are populated by insertions of black material over black and white images, both figurative and not.
In Fraser’s work there appears a conflation in visual language, a practice of willing repetition or reoccurring forms. All the while the human figure keeps reappearing, a haptic body circling, amongst geometric shapes.

The Rook and Raven gallery, London                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Like Freundlich, Lawler‘s pictures are primed by a rigid, mathematical system. Ratios are calculated to play with the scale of the original works, while angles and colours carefully matched. The internal logic and the system of reproduction itself becomes a driving force, as Lawler observes: ‘Eventually you have to let the system run, and, in the end, the system will dictate’. Lawler is in constant negotiation with the parameters he has put in place, and the act of disruption is an alluring one to him. Subtle acts of sabotage reveal themselves in his own brush strokes that mingle among the collage, supporting the overall structure.

Peter von Kant, Press release for Artsy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


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