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When friendship becomes art - group exhibition

Galleries Galerie van Gelder

Planciusstraat 9 A
1013MD Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 627 74 19

Open Tue - Sat / 13-17.30 hrs
+ every first Sun of the month
13-17.30 hrs

Exhibition 16 Apr — 25 May

Opening 16 Apr, 17-19 hrs


In the previous group exhibition “After Gerolama Cardano’s suspension” the focus was on the interpretations of the art works on display. In the follow up exhibition “When friendship becomes art” the attention is drawn to the more intimate interpretations of the artists themselves and to the admiration towards each other's works or even to a higher being like in the graphic work „Höhere Wesen befahlen rechte obere Ecke schwarz mahlen!” by Sigmar Polke. The works “Mother Father and Kids” of Lily van der Stokker and a cast iron wall relief of Kristján Gudmundsson give the words friendship and homage a different connotation of fidelity and relationship. Altogether in the exhibition “When friendship becomes art” the notion of friendship is understood in a broad sense.
Sigurdur Gudmundsson coined the exhibition’s title after the gallerist had asked him to think of a show with his sculpture ‘Friends’ (2013) as a centrepiece. In this work two characters appear that are derived from a painting “Cocoanuts” (1982) of René Daniels and a painting “Human Tripod” (1988) of Marlene Dumas. He has united these individuals and made them obviously good friends; one figure with a long up right standing beard puts his hand gently on the shoulder of a boy with three legs as if he needs some encouragement.
Friendship is expressed in the form of a drawing, sculpture or small corner installations. When friendship turns into admiration it also appears in the form of a mystery guest who introduced himself just a few days before the opening asking Sigurdur Gudmundsson by mail if his homage to the photo work ‘Mountain’ (1980) could be part of the show on friendship.
During the opening Sigurdur Gudmundsson will have a living sculpture “Audience” carried out by nine performers during three quarters of an hour.
AMF / Armleder-Mosset-Fleury
Eva Barto YS
Nicolas Chardon / Karina Bisch
Marlene Dumas
Marlies Frenken
Voebe de Gruyter
Sigurdur Gudmundsson
Kristján Gudmundsson
Mike Kelley
Sigmar Polke
Dieter Roth
Lily van der Stokker
and a mystery guest: Hlynur Pálmason
Opening: Sat 16 Apr, 17-19 hrs
Note: 17.30 - 18.15 hrs: living sculpture 'Audience' by Sigurdur Gudmundsson (staged by 9 persons)


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