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A gives B to C, A benefits C with B, B enriches C at the expense of A, 2021, inkjet print on archival Baryta paper

About Ellen de Bruijne Projects

Ellen de Bruijne Projects is a contemporary art gallery and project space situated at the edge of the Jordaan. Since its first show in October ’99, the gallery has focused on new tendencies in contemporary art, concentrating on performative art, socially related art, installations and works in progress. The gallery creates a platform for young international artists and mid-career artists to perform, generating shows with high standards on an international level and within an international context.

The aim of the gallery is to look for future tendencies by putting the new in comparison with the recent past and experimenting to develop new standards.


4 Sept-9 Oct: ‘As If’, Uta Eisenreich

Uta Eisenreich’s visual world is one with many worlds within. In her long-awaited new book AS IF and the eponymous solo show at Ellen de Bruijne PROJECTS, Uta Eisenreich explores representation and language, following her interest in perception and illusion. Her photographic still lifes bear a particular sense of logic; they challenge the quotidian by applying an impression of absurdity and apparent banality with scientific precision. A certain oddity might confuse the eye, despite the precise and linear structures, the hidden patterns, and layers of meanings in the images. Uta Eisenreich’s work is a playground for the viewer to construct meaning out of re-signified and de-signified objects.

As If

Uta Eisenreich