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1017 TG Amsterdam
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Jason Hendrik Hansma, Untitled (drafts), 2022  [detail]

Marwan is an artist-run project space presenting newly developed and experimental, site-specific projects to the public. Currently, Marwan is operating autonomously under the generous wings of gallery AKINCI. Marwan was established in 2016 by Tim Mathijsen and Tirza Kater in their studio and collaborates with Dieuwertje Hehewerth for their 2022 program.

Jason Hendrik Hansma – Untitled (Draft)

During Amsterdam Art week Jason Hendrik Hansma will show his installation Untitled (Draft) at Marwan.

Unboxing, cropping, gathering, draping. In conversation the curtain grows. In Marwan, it jams. Pinches. Overflows. 400 x 1000 cm into 305 x 302 / 403 cm. The curtain may be creased. Silver flakes between folds—slips. Cold and thin, fibres screech, fingers tease speech. The curtain waits. To drape. To gather. To fold. The word we use is ‘spill’.

The black chiffon splinters a laser; splits the space in two, triangles, hands that crop. Glass plucked from a pile of black and white photographs. Or contact sheets, rubbed against glass windows, crossed through window glass, we hope to splinter.