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“Chapi ke chapi”, 2021 Acryl on canvas 70 x 50 cm


4 Sept-9 Oct: ‘Fragments of Pega Saya’s Repository’, Eugenie Boon

Fragments of ‘Pega Saya’s Repository’ by the young multidisciplinary artist Eugenie Boon (1995, Curacao) is in cooperation with Brinkman & Bergsma. On show are the works from Eugenie Boon’s series ‘Ta nos hendenan’ with selected drawings, paintings and small sculptures.

About VZL/ Contemporary Art

VZL/ Contomporary Art is the brainchild of Marian van Zijll Langhout. Marian van Zijll Langhout has an extensive track record in accountancy as well as hosting exhibitions from her accountancy firm. The intimate gallery space functions as a democratic platform for ideas, debate and support around contemporary art in the broadest sense. The international programme is shaped by its diversity; reinterpretations of classical motifs meet new media and performance in process led exhibitions. The gallery programme is supplemented with (international) art fair presentations.

Fragments of Pega Saya's Repository

Eugenie Boon (1995, CW)