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Art Roulette is a recurring item in our bi-weekly newsletter in which we invite one of our Amsterdam Art participants to answer a rapid-fire Q&A. After their round of five questions, we ask them to pass the baton to the next guest. This week’s guest is Madelon van der Schie, curator Rozenstraat | a rose is a rose is a rose.

When was the last time something amazed you?
That was not long ago in ROZENSTRAAT, watching The Electronic Diaries by Lynn Hershman Leeson. It is such an intense, rich and layered work. Every time I looked during a quiet moment, something else struck me, it called up new thoughts. Very nice…

Which young or starting artist do you think we should keep an eye on?
A young artist… may it also be an artist who is less well-known in the Netherlands? In that case I would say Rita Ponce de León!

What is your favourite work of art?
An impossible question… Of course, I have several. But okay, leaving aside the (unattainable top) works of art history: When I think of what we have at home, I end up with a work by Semâ Bekirović. This is a series of 12 photos in which you see a typical, bright blue, almost Pettibon-like ‘surf wave’ sinking further and further into a peasant ditch. The photo turns and curls, water plants and muddy water obscure the view until the image of that mighty, awe-inspiring wave disappears completely. Wonderful! 

Which artwork in Amsterdam’s public space is a must see?
Perhaps more of a ‘go and have a look if you’re in the area’ work of art than a must see (sorry I don’t really stick to the questions); the Observatory by Marinus Boezem in Noord. It is a basic, granite modern chaise longue chair from which you can look at the stars. A modest work with an enormous range, both literally and figuratively.

Now the world has open up again, which exhibition or artwork should we visit?
I am curious about the exhibition in the Dordrechts Museum by Kevin Bray (on show until Sunday 1 August) and soon, also in the Dordrechts Museum, the first museum solo presentation by Arturo Kameya. And I would also like to take the train to London soon, for example to visit Lynette Yiadom-Boakye’s exhibition in Tate. Finally, I am very curious to see Pauline Curnier Jardin’s exhibition in Hamburger Bahnhof!

I am happy to pass the baton to 
Yana Foqué, director Kunstverein.