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Hadassah Emmerich / Mariëlle Buitendijk

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Exhibition 3 Jun — 29 Jul

Opening 3 Jun, 17-19 hrs


C&H gallery in collaboration with Art Agent Orange is proud to present:


Thorough, solemn, northern magic in shades of grey by Mariëlle Buitendijk in opposite to the exuberant sensibility in dashing colours by Hadassah Emmerich. The art by Mariëlle Buitendijk is unprecedentedley abstract: without reference to anything but it’s own, paint on a surface. Hadassah Emmerich’s art varies between figurative and the abstract. A playful composition of painterly moments, rich with associations. Two genuine painters who don’t shy away from experimenting in their artwork and persistent in their craftsmanship. At this show, both artists will show their latest works.

Mariëlle Buitendijk
Mariëlle Buitendijk received her bachelors at the St. Joost academy in Breda and her masters at the Frank Mohr institute in Groningen. In 2015 she won the Royal Prize for Painting. Her previous expositions were at the ‘De Nederlandse Bank’ NAI (currently ‘Het Nieuwe Instituut’) Kunsthaus Dresden, Tent Rotterdam and Garage Rotterdam amongst others. Mariëlle Buitendijk’s art is being represented in a variety of famous collectors like ‘De Nederlandsche Bank’ and ‘Museum Voorlinden’ The art by Mariëlle evolved from the image with an (photo-graphical) background, manipulated reality with an idealogical background and source, to abstraction. Rooted in technique and material: the image arises naturally from the creative process. Her current series are being determined by her craftsmanship: by cutting and sanding each piece by hand each of the artworks is being infused with its own soul. Each surface of the pieces are then divided based on simple rules. Razor-sharp lines plough through the plane, unsharpened shapes arises through the use of spray-paint and the atomization of paint. Shifts and distortion occur by drawing straight lines by hand, by the division of the plane without measuring and by spattering and the atomization of paint. The control over these processes is being let lose and then retaken again: a repetition of a simple action with the image as a result. A new development in her pieces is the use of stencils and silkscreen printing to repeat certain designs and let patterns occur.

Hadassah Emmerich
After her education at the Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht and the HISK Flanders, Hadassah Emmerich (1974) did her masters at the Goldsmiths Collage in London. In 2015, Hadassah stepped into the limelight with her exposition ‘With Love From Batik Babe’ at the GEM in the Hague. After which she has solo-expositions in Los Angeles, New York, Jakarta, Heerlen, Zurich and many more. Her art has been included in the collections by amongst others: Bonnefantenmuseum in Maastricht, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag en Museum Voorlinden. Hadassah Emmerich’s art has a richly themed: (cultural) identity and the body, gender and representations of exoticism. Hadassa’s creates large, monumental pieces. She was focussed on murals in her early career, now she managed to translate and funnel the impact of the murals onto large canvases and painterly objects. Hadassah likes to experiment with mixed techniques: printing-ink, oil-based paints and templates on canvas, crayons in combination with oil-paint. These monumental etno Pop Art series are visually overwhelming. Hadassah shows a series of large canvasses at the C&H gallery: the pieces show a woman’s body deformed, mirrored and rotated, diluted and doubled. By using the same colour-scheme in her pieces an installation arises. In a second smaller series on paper the focus lays with zooming in on a sitting body. The story behind the series and the pieces themselves in an inspiring dialogue with each other.


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