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Festival | PLAYTIME by K_nstvl___

20 - 22 May

K_nstvl___ presents: PLAYTIME 
Festival of Experimental Art Spaces
PLAYTIME Festival: € 7.50
Opening Party + Festival: € 9
Opening Party only: € 6
Tickets at the door only (pin and cash)
SSBA Salon, Leidseplein 26 Amsterdam


K_nstvl___ presents: PLAYTIME 

From May 20 through May 22, the 11th K_nstvl___ festival will take place in the SSBA Salon, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. This year the festival centers around the elastic exhibition, a 12-hour sequence of presentations by 23 experimental project spaces from the Netherlands and abroad. K_nstvl__ invited these initiatives to experiment with temporality and visibility within the elastic exhibition, which unfolds for the audience like a leporello.

The participating project spaces in PLAYTIME are very diverse. They function within different contexts and modes of organization, manifest themselves in the white cube and in public space, lead a nomadic existence or have an online presence only. What they have in common is an independent and dynamic way of working. They offer emerging artists a platform, and act as catalysts for innovation. Each of these initiatives will present itself in its own unique way, stretching the boundaries of the space in which encounters between audience, art, artist and project spaces can take place.

The elastic exhibition encompasses a three-day program including speeddates, (dance and performance) workshops, lectures and debates. Online radio station Ja Ja Ja Nee Nee Nee will broadcast live from the venue and there will be a bookshop carrying publications by project spaces, small book shops and publishers. 
On Monday 22, PLAYTIME finishes with How To Work With Temporality. During this seminar, three keynote speakers, joined by participating art initiatives, will discuss strategies for visibility and reflect upon themes such as precaritiy and temporality.

Apice for Artists (NL), Askeaton Contemporary Arts (IE), B32 (NL), Buenos Tiempos, Intl. (BE), Bureau des Réalités (BE), Club Solo (NL), Code Rood (NL), Corridor Project Space (NL), Deborah Bowmann (BE), EMBASSY Gallery (GB), galerie Gallery (NL), Le Salon (online), Mertens Frames Project Space by Plan B (NL), NEVERNEVERLAND (NL), Nile Sunset Annex (EG), Rainbow Soulclub (NL), Random Institute (CH/CR), RGKSKSRG (nomadic), Samet Yilmaz (nomadic), Kunsthuis SYB (NL), Treize (FR), Kunstverein Zürich (CH).