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Art Route | Rhythms of the everyday

20 May - 3 Jun


We find ourselves in the midst of an infinite variety of recurring actions, routines and rituals during our daily existence. Certain interactions and sensations can lead us to contemplate the present, but they can also transport us to moments gone by, in any case confronting us with life itself. What does daily life consist of? Can we map out its rhythms? Uncanny spaces, non-places, the circularity of everyday life and the natural cycles of the environment (and their complex systems), the hyper-rational and the irrational are just some of the situations that unfold through the exhibitions within this route. Contemplate the different rhythms of our existence!

Image: ©Daniëlle van Ark


A. Gerhard Hofland - A Four Hand Piano Piece, Daniel Schubert
Until 3 June 

With their subtle patterns and forms, the abstract paintings of Daniel Schubert (DE) can lead us to a state of meditation. His working method is one of peace and tranquility. Working with traditional techniques, including the use of rabbit glue and homemade egg tempera, the process of creation takes months before a painting reaches completion. This slow process enables Schubert to find new forms of expression through painting, allowing him to give fleeting impressions from everyday life a deeper and more lasting meaning.

B. De Brakke Grond - On Alchemy and Magic, group exhibition
Until 2 July

From automated consumer electronics and computer information systems to high frequency trading, complex systems are mapping, intervening and creating the experience of the everyday in contemporary society. Their internal logic seems to be hyper-rational, beyond what most human minds can come to understand, and intentionally designed to surpass it. But in its far-driven logical functioning, these systems seem to be touching that which goes beyond the rational. Is there a bridge to be made between the hyper-rational and the irrational? How do we make sense of it? And how can concepts such as ‘alchemy’ and ‘magic’ assist in a different understanding of these systems? Participating artists: Tobias Revell (GB), Frederik De Wilde (BE), Femke Herregraven (NL), RYBN.ORG (FR), Natalie Kane (GB) and Verena Friedrich (DE). 

De Brakke Grond - A Space Called Home, group exhibition
Until 18 Jun

For this exhibition, the artists explore what is needed to make a house into a home. They have an eye for repeating actions, intimate rituals and the rhythms of everyday life. In an era where our private spaces also serve as offices, hotels and displays on Instagram, these artists explore the rules and patterns we use to establish our homes. The exhibition design is by Feiko Beckers, who has created houses with the external characteristics of those built on stilts he came across during his residency in Surinam. Three houses will arise in the foyer of De Brakke Grond. Participating artists: Feiko Beckers (NL), Mekhitar Garabedian (SY) and artist-duo LeeCastro (KR/BE). 

C. Upstream Gallery - Particles of Dust, Frank Ammerlaan
Until 8 Jul

In his newest paintings Frank Ammerlaan (NL) makes use of unconventional materials and techniques ranging from dirt and dust to (liquid) metals and meteorite particles. Subsequently you will find complex machine embroidery and ‘patchworks’ of diverse canvasses and fabrics that have been exposed to the elements outdoors. Tiny particles of dust have gathered on the canvas: the resulting stains are rudimentary, indexical recordings of the natural cycles of the environment. 

D. De Nederlandsche Bank - I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait, Daniëlle van Ark
Until 29 Jun 

For this exhibition Daniëlle van Ark (NL) has based her work on the philosopher Ton Lemaire’s theory that people today are internally disconnected from the space around them. Or, in other words, we feel at home almost anywhere. At the same time we never truly belong anywhere – we seem to be tourists in familiar places, yet we frequently return to non-places such as shopping malls, motorways, airports and stations we have no connection to. Presenting clichéd objects such as old magazines, artworks on the walls, glass cabinets and a hat stand, van Ark transforms the exhibition room into a nondescript space, where it is not clear who or what you’re waiting for. Here you are confronted with life itself. 

E. Marian Cramer Projects - Never Knowing Nowhere, Daniel Lipp
Until 3 Jun

Daniel Lipp’s (CH) complex layered images fold different registers of time and depictions of various spatial realities together. Moving from one work to the next we encounter a fragmented narrative in which figures can be seen passing through transient spaces shifting between the interior and exterior. Several works depict an ornate medieval iron screen, displayed at a museum in London. Lipp has gone back time and again to photograph this object and the museum visitors passing beyond. In this exhibition he uses it as a recurring motif, reminding us of the never ending circularity of thought and action.


Galleries Gerhard Hofland

Thu - Sat / 13-17 hrs

Date 29 Apr - 3 Jun

Opening Saturday 29 Apr
17 - 19 hrs

Daniel Schubert, Untitled, 2017, egg tempera and crayon on canvas, 170 x 115 cm

Museums/Institutes Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond

Mon - Fri / 11-18 hrs
Sat - Sun / 13-18 hrs

Date 12 May - 2 Jul

Opening Friday 12 May
18 - 20 hrs

'The Finite State Fantasia' (2016), Tobias Revell. Installation view STUK © Kristof Vrancken. 	Femke Herregraven, 'Subsecond Flocks – When you startle awake at four in the morning it’s not because you’re feeling happy', 2016, 2016, detail, Neoliberal Lulz / Carroll/Fletcher, London (UK)

Date 13 May - 23 Jun

Opening Saturday 13 May
17 - 19 hrs

Never knowing nowhere, Daniel Lipp

Others De Nederlandsche Bank - Art Gallery

Mon - Fri / 9-17 hrs
+ by appointment
Visitors will be asked to show valid proof of identity.

Date 18 May - 29 Jun

(c) Daniëlle van Ark

Galleries Upstream Gallery

Wed - Sat / 13-18 hrs
+ by appointment

Date 20 May - 8 Jul

Opening Saturday 20 May
17 - 19:30 hrs

Frank Ammerlaan, Untitled, dust, dirt, meteorite particles, linnen, 92,5 x 70 cm, 2017