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Live conversation home #2: The Nakba, Heritage and Cultural Memory

Project Spaces Framer Framed

IJpromenade 2
1031 KT Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 7630973

Open Tue - Fri / 13-21 hrs
Sat - Sun / 11-21 hrs

Conversation 6 Aug

Time 6 Aug, 15-17 hrs


The second event and live conversation in the context of exhibition 'HOME' will take place at Framer Framed. The focus is on Palestinian heritage, cultural memory, and (rebuilding) national archives.

The event starts with a screening of TheGreatBookRobbery (2012), a film by Benny Brunner on the Palestinian manuscripts and books that were confiscated in 1948. During the Nakba (lit. catastrophe, also known as the 1948 Palestinian exodus), 700.000 Palestinians fled or were expelled from their homes. Personal memories, diaries, publications on religion and history as well as poetry and novels were taken from both Palestinian private homes and public institutions. The National Library of Israel collaborated with the Israeli forces in collecting this ‘abandoned property’ (AP) during what officially was called a ‘cultural rescue operation’ but for Palestinians was ‘cultural theft’.

After the film screening of TheGreatBookRobbery, we will go into a Q&A and conversation with amongst others filmmaker Benny Brunner. Nashwa Al-Ramlawi (project coordinator) and Suher Ammar (manager) from the Iwan Centre for the preservation of Palestinian architecture will join us through Skype. The conversation will be moderated by writer, journalist and teacher Chris Keulemans.

Entry is free but please make a reservation by sending an email to


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