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Pedagogies of the Opaque (I): Black Schools: Learning for and by Black Futures

Project Spaces Framer Framed

IJpromenade 2
1031 KT Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 7630973

Open Tue - Fri / 13-21 hrs
Sat - Sun / 11-21 hrs

Conversation 17 Oct

Time 20-22 hrs


 Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, (Sparkles) Recollection of Wraith (2012), image still. Image courtesy of artist

Pedagogies of the Opaque (I): Black Schools: Learning for and by Black Futures - curated by Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler, hosted at Framer Framed.

'I used to wonder
About living and dying'

Pedagogies of the Opaque is the first gathering in a series of public research events for, with and about ex-centric cultural, communal and collective practices and thinking.

However make shift or short-lived these may be, ex-centric practitioners create for themselves and for their communities structures of coping & thriving – within a world in which their survival was never intended nor a priority for institutions and society.

'I think the difference lies
Between tears and crying.'

These pockets in space and time that ex-centric practices create for storytelling, learning, sharing and archiving are often also acts and places of resistance, waywardness, refusal and opacity – as well as sources for joy and laughter.

'I used to wonder
About here and there'

The gatherings facilitate an ongoing and public critical discourse, a circulation of knowledge, meaning making, cultural presence and agency, reading and representation of how culture and art are produced in our globalised societies. In which ways have ex-centric, minoritised, racialised and radical practices reframed and informed themselves with (inter-generational) collective strategies of learning, sharing and joy that contribute to the survival and well-being of their communities, experiences as well as cultural archives?

'I think the distance
Is nowhere.'

With guest conversationalists.:

-          Negarra A. Kudumu, independent essayist & curator / Manager of Public Programs at the Frye Art Museum;

-           Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, artist and filmmaker,

Pedagogies of the Opaque is hosted by Amal Alhaag and Maria Guggenbichler.
Poem: ‘Border Line’ by Langston Hughes (1947)



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