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'How Soon is Now?' - various artists

Museums/Institutes Manifesta

Herengracht 474
1017 CA Amsterdam 
+31 (0)20 6721435

Open Thu - Fri / 10-19 hrs

27 Nov — 31 Mar

Time 28 Nov, 19 hrs


Semâ Bekirovic, How to stop falling, 2007/2008

Artists: Tjebbe Beekman // Sema Bekirovic // Mark Boulos // Yael Davids // Amie Dicke // Elspeth Diederix // Irene Fortuyn // Peggy Franck // Lucas Lenglet // Nathaniel Mellors // Amalia Pica // Maaike Schoorel // Daniel Van Straalen // Pilvi Takala // Freek Wambacq

Manifesta Foundation and DutchCulture are proud to present How Soon is Now?, a display of Dutch and international artists invited by the gallery Stigter Van Doesburg to exhibit their works in the various iconic rooms and monumental office spaces of Herengracht 474. The Amsterdam based gallery is the third partner in the series. 

As part of an on-going series of in-house exhibitions each half-year a different Amsterdam based contemporary art gallery is invited to curate a site-specific show specially made to reflect the history of the building and the place. The exhibitions are a starting point for public meetings, discussions and receptions. Through this program we would like to show our appreciation and support towards the Amsterdam art scene.

During Amsterdam Art Weekend, on the 28 November 2014 we will open the exhibition How Soon is Now? by the gallery Stigter van Doesburg. The title How Soon is Now? derives itself from The Smiths’ song from 1985 in which their singer Morrissey describes his difficulties to connect to other people, with the social isolation and self-defensive anger that results from it. Some contemporary art practices have shared a similar exile position in the last few years, fighting in the media against accusations of elitism; and struggling to communicate its message outside of its own internal system. 

In the very heart of Amsterdam in this special historical building (the former NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies), the exhibition brings together a group of artists with distinct conceptual, material and formal procedures. Their works are varying from perfectly built up photographs to evocative installations will engage and decode many aspects of the present moment.

How Soon is Now? can be seen by appointment. Please contact
During Amsterdam Art Weekend a daily tour starts at 13 hrs. Please register at



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