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The Blue Play till Shifting Circles - Rob Birza

Others De Nederlandsche Bank - Art Gallery

Westeinde 1
1017 ZN Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 5242183

Open Mon - Fri / 9-17 hrs
+ by appointment

Visitors will be asked to show valid proof of identity.

8 Mar — 14 Apr

Time 8 Mar


From the blue play till shifting circles

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) acquired its first artwork by Rob Birza in 1991 and has since followed his career. From the blue play till shifting circles presents several works from DNB’s collection augmented by old and new works from Birza’s hand.

In Rob Birza’s work, themes and styles follow each other in quick succession. His "frank and open” approach to form, as Belgian art critic Luk Lambrecht once put it, always stands firm, however. Among all the ambiguous plurality that Birza seems to propagate there is one constant factor. His changing body of work always witnesses his fascination with the thin line between abstract and figurative art. What Birza believes to be the “anarchic energy of abstraction” is always at centre stage.

Birza favours the hyperbole: everything is overstated, including abstraction. Even the repetition of a simple circle becomes a great game to him. The circles interact, devour and disrupt one another. At first glance, his most recent paintings are more transparent, lucid and readable. However, they are still restless and have not lost their “you spin me right round, baby right round…” quality. Dazzling and singing at full pelt. Moving Movement, painted ingeniously and bold as brass.

The above paragraphs are excerpts from the Zinderend en Zingend introductory text written especially for this exhibition by Ann Demeester, Director of the Frans Hals Museum| De Hallen Haarlem.




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