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'I thought I could be an artist' - Tanja Ritterbex

Galleries Ornis A. Gallery

Hazenstraat 11 
1016 SM Amsterdam
+31 (0)6 49812676

Open Wed - Fri / 12-18 hrs
Sat / 13-18 hrs
+ by appointment

27 Nov — 30 Jan

Time 27 Nov, 17-20 hrs


Ritterbex (born in 1985, lives and works in Amsterdam) installation at the Ornis A. gallery shows sculpture in combination with video art and drawings.  Many 'footage' was collected on a journey through Israel. Fascinated by borders, not literally borders the every day news talks about, more borders of shame is wat intrigues her. on a playful way our "contemporary visual world’s YouTube bloggers" expose to a large audience the most intimate room of their houses. As if they were actors in their own habit. A parody without a reason.  Scenes of herself, a painted body, hot sun touching it, reflecting of sunlight makes it all even more vulnerable. Gallery walls will be black painted a white square in the middle, in a corner a spy camera sees everything the viewer can see on a flatscreen in the next room. In the end we are all “credit card holders and google users” but are we aware of this? Video’s will show an collage way of working, images in combination with computer-generated animations.



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Project Spaces In4Art

Fri - Sun / 13-17 hrs

Date 20 Sep - 30 Sep

Time 13 - 17 hrs

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Galleries BorzoGallery

Wed - Sat / 13-17 hrs 
+ by appointment

Date 6 Apr - 28 Apr

Opening Friday 6 Apr
17 - 19 hrs


Naito and Kuwayama

Rakuko Naito  ‘Untitled (RN1612-3-1_2-'17)’, 2017 Japanese paper, 30.5 x 30.5 cm

Museums/Institutes Manifesta

Thu - Fri / 10-19 hrs

Date 20 Apr

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Thu - Sat / 13-17 hrs

Date 21 Apr - 16 Jun

Opening Saturday 21 Apr
18 - 20 hrs