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Granola - Thomas Raat

Galleries Juliette Jongma

Gerard Doustraat 128 A
1073 VX Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 4636904

Open Wed - Sat / 13-18 hrs

Exhibition 25 Feb — 1 Apr

Opening 25 Feb, 13-18 hrs


Thomas Raat, I Beams (detail) 2016

Juliette Jongma presents the second solo exhibition by Thomas Raat titled Granola. By referring to the material granol, the plasterwork popular in the seventies and making a comeback in current interior design, the artist Raat captures both a sense of past time and place as well as visual quotations to design, sculpture and architecture of a commonplace cityscape. Starting point for Granola was not just the grainy structure and a fashionable connotation of the breakfast cereal, but mainly the idea of creating an environment of the common urban space and direct surroundings incorporating elements of ordinary streets, such as house numbers, a manhole cover, and other industrially shaped elements. Objects not necessarily notable as aesthetic forms, everyday objects which are just there. Yet with his craftsmanship, the rich choice for specific materials, forms and colours, and foremost his precision and attention for detail in its finish, Raat artistically reflects upon these ordinary objects which now become objects of contemplation in the gallery space.


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