14 november 2023


Recent gatherings have shown a clear desire and support within the art community to engage in dialogue and promote unity. Amsterdam Art strongly believes in the unifying power of art. Community serves as a crucial anchor, with art serving as a catalyst for meaningful conversations. 

Amid the current global tensions, with ongoing attacks on civilians and increasing ethnic violence, we are deeply troubled by the attack on humanity and the increase of societal divisions. As Amsterdam Art we find it important to speak out about these events and leverage our role as connector of the artistic ecosystem of Amsterdam. 

We wholeheartedly denounce the violence in Gaza, Israel and The West Bank and stand in unwavering support of the global plea for an immediate ceasefire and the provision of essential humanitarian aid. As global citizens, we are resolute in our solidarity with those who have suffered under brutal attacks, the weight of oppression, injustice, and colonial violence in the past and present. We align ourselves with the international movement to call for peace and the dignity of all people. We are also concerned about the rise of Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Amsterdam and beyond and reject any kind of extremism, racism, and discrimination. 

Recognising the politically charged nature of the current debates on the Israel-Palestine conflict, we support our partners who use their programme to inspire, encourage compassion, critical thought and use their space to raise awareness and combat dehumanisation and polarisation. Together, we can build a strong platform to harness the potential of art to bridge divides and foster solidarity. 

We invite our partners to share thoughts and ideas on specific cultural events they wish to organise or host. We will utilise our platform to showcase these events and promote them on our social media and in our newsletters. These events could include artist initiatives, discussions, film screenings, exhibitions, and more. We encourage everyone to participate in openings and various art events to foster connection and we continue to promote these as well. Please, keep an eye out on our account, linktree or our agenda for the events, as more will follow.

The Board and Team of Amsterdam Art