10 October 2023

EVOCATIVE DISRUPTIONS – Solo exhibition by Margret Wibmer at Capital C

Margret Wibmer, an Amsterdam based international artist with Austrian roots, works in various media such as photography, performance art, sculpture and video. She explores relationships between bodies, objects and spaces, using ambiguity and the principle of chance as a method to deconstruct processes, norms and values deeply embedded in our societies. Particularly in her performances in which the audience became involved as actors. 

Recent performances include ‘Time Out’ at the Oude Kerk Amsterdam, ‘We do surfing the apocalypse’ during Upstate Art Weekend New York in collaboration with the Institute for Cultural Activism International and ‘Salon the Amour’ which is now shown in Austria. 

The exhibition will show a retrospective view of her artistic practice and will present a selection of her photographic, sculptural and video works.