Floating Worlds, Ruby Swinney

AKINCI presents Floating World, an exhibition of new paintings, by Ruby Swinney. As has become characte- ristic of the young South African artist, these works are painted in monochrome colours on white silk canvases. The paintings on display show idyllic landscapes, often contrasted with man-made structures. The inhabitants of this Floating World are an eerie,

Bad Color Combos, Yto Barrada

Bad Color Combos presents an overview of the recent work of artist Yto Barrada, including film, textiles, photography, sculpture. This solo exhibition presents a selection of Barrada’s work of the last five years, together with new artwork conceived especially for the exhibition. In it, she continues to explore cultural phenomena, personal histories and natural processes. This

Between Here and There – Hemaseh Manawi Rad & Jannemarein Renout

Galerie Bart is proud to present Between Here and There, a duo exhibition featuring the works of Hemaseh Manawi Rad and Jannemarein Renout. An exhibition that deals with being in the in-between. In her work, Hemaseh tries to reconcile her Persian roots and her current Western surroundings, despite the fact that they don’t always mesh.

Afro Cushion – Alfonso

Rinella Alfonso, Afro Cushion Annet Gelink Gallery is proud to present Afro Cushion, Rinella Alfonso’s first exhibition at the gallery. In her latest work, Alfonso focusses on the representation of black and female bodies and the way in which predominantly black communities are being robbed from their resources. Afro Cushion is a direct reference to

Connection – Group exhibition

It is with great pleasure that Galerie Bart is opening the group exhibition Connection at the beginning of the new gallery season. The European Commission has designated 2022 as the European Year of Youth, emphasising the importance of the youth of Europe in achieving global improvements for us all. It is certainly no empty phrase:

Solo Ensemble in color – Annesas Appel

Seven colours are woven together in pairs in all combinations. The pattern of the weaving is determined by the position of the colour in the colour row: red1, orange2, yellow3, green4, blue5, indigo6 and violet7. The colour duos shift through the seven works, giving each image a different composition. Paper: Innova Smooth Cotton Natural White

Project about keti koti in Heesterveld

Artist Maartje Jaquet worked for more than two years on her extensive project Ala Sma Tori about Keti Koti – the term that stands for the abolition of slavery on 1 July 1863 in Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles. She spoke with countless residents of Amsterdam Zuidoost, where she herself lives, to map out how

Dark Uncles – Klaas Rommelaere

June 16th – July 30th, 2022 ‘Dark Uncles’ is an exhibition of woven art by Belgian artist Klaas Rommelaere. The work is part of an ongoing series of hand-stitched tapestries and tactile sculptures inspired by a mixture of cult movies and personal memories. They are full of images, symbols and fragments of film scripts that

Mirrored Landscape – Emma Talbot

In Emma Talbot’s sculpture Mirrored Landscape, we see a female figure leaning forward and looking at the palm of her hand. A graceful but at the same time subdued and defeated pose. Opposite her, a tree bends in exactly the opposite direction, its branches leaning over the woman’s curved back, they assume the same posture as

Collection presentation of fashion designer Tess van Zalinge

Fashion designer Tess van Zalinge launches her latest collection in the heart of the collection presentation Panorama Amsterdam: a living history of the city. For this collection she became fascinated by the recognizability and mutability that nature brings. Designer Tess van Zalinge lives and works in Amsterdam, where she designs at the intersection of couture

Speak Session – BOUT IT #3

In BOUT IT #3 OSCAM and Top Notch give a stage to female and non-binary hip hop artists and the major contributions they have made to the genre. Hip hop is more than music: it is both a form of personal expression and a shared culture. Hip hop – the art and culture – is

Transferring Cultures into Bodies

Curated by Adriana González Hulshof Participating artists: Faig Ahmed (1982, AZ), Karim Adduchi (1988, MA/ES/NL),  Lisa Konno (1992, JP/ NL), Paul Kooiker (1964, NL), Ana Navas (1984, VE/EC), Aimée Zito Lema (1982, NL/AR) & Elisa van Joolen (1983, NL/IT)12 May – 18 June, 2022 Adriana González Hulshof was born in Mexico and grew up in