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20 January – 1 April 2023

Fiona Tan and guests: art, film and science

On the eve of the symposium organised by the KNAW around Fiona Tan’s work, Eye is screening short films by some of the artists and filmmakers present in Amsterdam for the occasion. The programme includes work by artists Elizabeth Price and Rosa Barba.

May You Live in Interesting Times

Fiona Tan was born in Indonesia from an Indonesian-Chinese father and an Australian mother. May You Live in Interesting Times is Tan’s most autobiographical work to date. It traces the history of the Tan family. In a documentary style, the work critically analyses the construction of (her own) identity. Screening is introduced by film critic Dana

Do it yourself: artists produce films

Fiona Tan works at the intersection of visual art and film. Where lie the differences, what are the pitfalls and opportunities? Fiona Tan invited a number of other artists working in the same field: Melvin Moti, Manon de Boer, Erik van Lieshout and Lonnie van Brummelen & Siebren de Haan.

Mountains and Molehills – Fiona Tan

2 October 2022 — 8 January 2023 Fiona Tan is known for her video and film installations in which she explores memory, history, globalisation and the role of images. This exhibition is a journey through a selection of works from her oeuvre, in which the passing of time and the role of the landscape as

Bad Color Combos, Yto Barrada

Bad Color Combos presents an overview of the recent work of artist Yto Barrada, including film, textiles, photography, sculpture. This solo exhibition presents a selection of Barrada’s work of the last five years, together with new artwork conceived especially for the exhibition. In it, she continues to explore cultural phenomena, personal histories and natural processes. This

Aslan Goisum | Our memories are quite similar but pickled alive in a poison which accompanies objects too as a part of this emptiness.

Aslan Goisum (b. 1991 in Grozny, Chechnya) employs various artistic media, mainly the moving image, sculptural installation and paper-based techniques. Recent exhibitions include: A War in the Distance, steirischer herbst (Graz, AT, 2022); The Invented History, KINDL (Berlin, DE, 2020); Blood and Soul: Dark Arts for Dark Times, Contemporary Art Centre (Vilnius, LT, 2019); Beautiful

Sisterhoop – Alicia Framis

Upstream Gallery proudly presents Sisterhoop, Alicia Framis’ second solo exhibition with the gallery. Sisterhoop builds on Framis’ fascination for human existence within contemporary urban society, wherein overstimulation and inequality are unfortunately omnipresent. Framis especially aims to direct attention to the mental and physical states of women in this society. Through various media like video, sculpture, and installation, different

An evening about Karrabing Film Collective

Curator Vivian Ziherl talks to the Karrabing Film Collective, winners of the 2021 Eye Art & Film Prize about the impact of Australian colonialism and film as a consciousness-raising tool. Featuring Karrabing films and followed by the screening of The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith.

Singing With the Wolves – group exhibition

Melanie bonajo, Charlotte Schleiffert, Margit Lukács & Persijn Boersen One of the protagonists in Singing With the Wolves is a video animation of a white wolf by artist duo Margit Lukács and Persijn Broersen, who is trotting slowly towards the viewer while humming Frank Sinatra’s East of the Sun, West of the Moon. Actually, in

Research exhibition SUMMERTIME – Malou van der Veld

VZL / Contemporary Art is proud to present the research exhibition SUMMERTIME by Malou van der Veld in the gallery. Malou van der Veld (1997, Amsterdam) is a multidisciplinary designer, currently doing her MA Material Futures at Central Saint Martins in London. This summer she was a resident in the gallery where she worked and

Connection – Group exhibition

It is with great pleasure that Galerie Bart is opening the group exhibition Connection at the beginning of the new gallery season. The European Commission has designated 2022 as the European Year of Youth, emphasising the importance of the youth of Europe in achieving global improvements for us all. It is certainly no empty phrase:


The Fons Welters gallery presents a group show with Gina Fischli, Clémence Lollia Hilaire, Kinke Kooi, Perri MacKenzie, Win McCarthy, Phung-Tien Phan, Josiane M.H. Pozi, Evelyn Taocheng Wang, Trevor Shimizu, Lily van der Stokker, Bruno Zhu. Curated by Melanie Bühler. It is Impossible not to Be Dealing with Clichés When Drawing Flowers – Ree Morton


Opening/Performance: September 13th, 21:00 (free entrance)Mordorkore’s fantasy rave: September 17th, 22:00 (presale tickets) PASTLIVES is the second solo-show of the Amsterdam-based artist SasaHara, who collaborates with a team of queer artists to give physicality to their mythological storytelling works. The exhibition will take place in ISO Amsterdam, as part of the off-program of UNSEEN Amsterdam.

Dance in Close-Up: Hans van Manen seen by Erwin Olaf

Reserve your ticket for the official opening on Sunday June 19 between 12:00 – 5:00 PM here This year, the grand master of Dutch dance Hans van Manen will turn ninety years old. To honor him, The Dutch National Ballet will present an extensive and diverse program of his work. Alongside, the exhibition Dance in

Opening The Eiffel Towers – Ghita Skali

Thursday May 12 between 17:00-21.00 hrs is the festive public opening with a drink and a bite. Ghita Skali is in the gallery from 19.00 hrs to join us to celebrate the presentation of her video ‘”The Eiffel Towers” on view for the first time in the Netherlands. Ghita Sali’s video “The Eiffel Towers”, is

Book Launch: International Friendship

On Sunday 15 May, Framer Framed will host the launch of International Friendship: The Gifts from Africa, an anthology focused on the documentary-filmmaking practice of Che Onejoon and the artist’s research into the statues, monuments, and buildings built by North Korea in Africa from the 1970s to the present. During the launch, Che will be in conversation

The Eiffel Towers – Ghita Skali

We proudly present The video “The Eiffel Towers”in the gallery. It is the first time this video is on display in the Netherlands. Ghita Skali’s work takes as an initial impulse investigations around anecdotes which appeared in the media and have been later forgotten and / or erased. Her work consists of installations, interventions, performances

HITO STEYERL – I Will Survive

An artist, cultural critic, filmmaker, writer and professor, Hito Steyerl is one of the most significant and influential figures in contemporary art. She operates on the boundary between film and visual art, working in genres ranging from documentary cinema to innovative multimedia installations. Her rigorously researched and visually stunning installations illuminate some of the most

New Harvest (Block 2)

Amsterdam Art, together with Eye Film Museum, organizes a film programme featuring the best film and video works of the past two years. Immerse yourself in a selection of the film and video work of artists from the post-academic residencies and galleries affiliated with Amsterdam Art. The selection was made by Eye Film Museum curator

New Harvest (Block 1)

Amsterdam Art teams up with Eye Filmmuseum in organising a film programme featuring the best moving image based works of the past two years. Immerse yourself in a programme with a selection of the film and video works by artists from the post-academic residencies and galleries affiliated with Amsterdam Art. The selection was made by curator Marian

Steffani Jemison | TOSS

Until 16.04.22 Annet Gelink Gallery is proud to present Toss, Steffani Jemison’s first solo show at the gallery, following her presentation at the Bakery in 2020.  Encompassing a variety of media including video, performance and sculpture, Jemison’s practice is rooted in research. Through time-based, photographic, and discursive platforms Jemison examines “progress” and its alternatives. Her work

1934 – Polina Kanis and Pejvak

Utopian ideas about new forms of life often appear on the ruins of societies collapsed after the recent crisis, when they are about to resurrect, and the new world is to be built.  At the end of the first third of the 20th century, after the October revolution, the First World War and the Civil

Password – Molly Palmer

Molly Palmer’s first solo exhibition at AKINCI with the title PASSWORD is a multimedia installation that combines layered vocals in surround sound with videos, paintings, and sculptures. These are activated by synchronised light and moving sets, forming a score that cultivates different atmospheres throughout the space. PASSWORD follows a period of research into the historic

Burials – León & Cociña

Having premiered at the Venice Film Festival in 2021 – where it won the Best Short Film Award – Los Huesos (The Bones) now has, as part of Burials, its Dutch première. Los Huesos revolves around the present drafting of Chile’s new Constitution, which is to replace the current document which dates to 1980 – Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorial era.

Transferring Cultures into Bodies

Curated by Adriana González Hulshof Participating artists: Faig Ahmed (1982, AZ), Karim Adduchi (1988, MA/ES/NL),  Lisa Konno (1992, JP/ NL), Paul Kooiker (1964, NL), Ana Navas (1984, VE/EC), Aimée Zito Lema (1982, NL/AR) & Elisa van Joolen (1983, NL/IT)12 May – 18 June, 2022 Adriana González Hulshof was born in Mexico and grew up in


With over 900 artworks by 291 artists from all over the world, the JULIA STOSCHEK COLLECTION is one of the world’s most extensive private collections of time-based art. For Amsterdam Art Week, founder Julia Stoschek has curated a selection of works from her collection focusing on music and states of ecstasy. We look forward to

Tangible Futility – Guido van der Werve

In the world of Guido van der Werve, Romanticism, nature and the sublime are never far away. His films explore the futility of existence and at the same time capture its endless beauty.

Electropore – Jen Liu

Upstream Gallery proudly presents Jen Liu’s solo exhibition ELECTROPORE.  The exhibition begins with the idea of electroporation – a method of genetic engineering that Liu has used to add secret messages to living beef cells in her long term body of work, Pink Slime Caesar Shift. The cells, suspended in pink fluid, are electroshocked: if

Gradient – Rogier van der Zwaag

Gradient is an exhibition of the work of Rogier van der Zwaag. The exhibition illustrates his ability to work with different techniques and methods. As an experimental artist, Van der Zwaag is expressive and conceptually innovative, without letting his work become too sterile. With Gradient, Van der Zwaag reflects on how subtle changes in natural

Adam Barker-Mill & Alan Johnston

During the tenth edition of Amsterdam Art Week, Slewe Gallery shows new work by the London based artist Adam Barker-Mill (1940) and the Scottish artist Alan Johnston (1945). Both artists are internationally known, belong to the same generation and have been friends for a long time. Moreover, they are artistically linked in their fascination for

Serge Alain Nitegeka

STEVENSON is pleased to present a selection of new paintings by Serge Alain Nitegeka (1983, Rwanda) – his first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. Combining geometric and fluid forms, Nitegeka continues his exploration of place, material possession and the tensions between free and restricted movement. He writes: Refugees and asylum seekers occupy shifting spaces. They change

DUAL CORPUS – Isabelle Wenzel

What does it mean to be human? How does my body relate to machines and how does my body relate to nature? These are questions that photographer, video artist and performer Isabelle Wenzel (1982, DE) explores in her new video work Automatia. In a series of scenes, we see an androgynous protagonist (the artist) making

Equilibrium Wind – Thierry Oussou

“Equilibrium Wind” is the new chapter of the on-going investigation initiated by the artist in his cotton plantation located in Benin. With the help of a crew of local farmers, Oussou began to cultivate cotton, ‘the white gold’, essential asset for the country’s economy and precious resource for the farmers’ livelihood. Through a series of

Composities and Sorry’s

Travo Gallery is proud to present the new solo show by Guillaume Bijl, consisting of recent sorry’s and compositions. Guillaume Bijl (Antwerp, BE, 1946) is known for his large-scale installations and visual realism. Since the late 70s, Bijl incorporates found objects and actual home decor into his opulently detailed installations, which have come to embody a kind of tragi-comic

The Young Man as a Movie Star – Bart Groenendaal

The Young Man as a Movie Star: Paranoia, Opulence, Perversion, Competition consists of four short feature films. In each of these, the same two actors always play a man of twenty and a woman of fifty, which each have a different relationship to each other. In Competition they are two fellow performers. In Opulence, a hysterical housewife and a

Screening N.P – Lisa Spilliaert

In the context of solo exhibition Growth Record by Lisa Spilliaert, de Brakke Grond collaborates with Filmhuis Cavia to show Spilliaerts feature film N.P In this silent film, set during one Japanese summer, four young people discover how one book unites them. All four are fascinated with the novel N.P by the late and mysterious

Growth Record – Lisa Spilliaert

De Brakke Grond presents the exhibition Growth Record by Japanese-Flemish artist Lisa Spilliaert (1990). In this long-term project, Spilliaert records the growth of a child, whose mother might have been the artist herself. She had had sex with the Japanese man, who became a father nine months later.   For the first time, Spilliaert shows the newest chapter in the

Artist Talk: Lisa Spilliaert

During Amsterdam Art Week, Flemish Arts Centre de Brakke Grond welcomes you for drinks and a conversation with Japanese-Flemish artist and film maker Lisa Spilliaert. You are warmly invited to Spilliaert’s solo exhibition and to join the q&a on 14 May, hopefully in de Brakke Grond’s garden. Spilliaert will talk about her exhibition Growth Record.

Fabulous Facts, True Fictions – Group Exhibition

De Ateliers proudly presents five amazing short films by former artist participants. Each piece is 7 to 16 minutes long and is screened in a room of its own. All works present the world as we know it in images we have never seen before. Facts appear fabulous. Fiction seems to be telling the truth.